Meet the speakers

Tiffany Banks


Tiffany Banks is a proud military wife and former stay at home mother of three lovely children. She is also a new small business owner. She created Curl Color Beauty to provide a marketplace where curly haired women of all ethnic backgrounds could find products suitable for them. Since it's inception Curl Color Beauty has become a place where women can purchase an vast array of beauty related products, trendy fashion styles and accessories. Banks has a heart for women, children and low-income families. For this reason Curl Color Beauty frequently donates time and resources to non-profit corporations that support causes she holds dear.

Mrs. CA 2017 Kristi Eddy


 Kristi Eddy is a highly revered educator, an advocate for women’s health, and Mrs. California-America 2017 pageant winner. Her grace and brilliance earned her a top position as a semi-finalist in the Mrs. America Pageant that same year. As a former bullied, special education student, she prides herself in being the unconventional beauty queen that says “no” to beauty norms. She is also CEO of the Women's Ovarian & Medical Education Network Inc., ad 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation created to advance women's reproductive healthcare through advocacy, education, and research. She wants everyone to know that beauty is undefined.

Beverly Young


 Beverly Young is a founding board member of The Colorfully Candid Paradigm. A native of Illinois and a long time educator, Bev moved to Las Vegas in 2010. In 2014, she began to support her daughter, Liv’s, vision to strengthen mothers and daughters during the founding of the organization in 2014. Today, they have led countless events to enhance the emotional intelligence of girls and women in Las Vegas and beyond through a series of mother daughter conflict resolution workshops, summer retreats, book clubs, and national conferences for girls, mothers, and mentors titled Unconditional. Married to Fred Young for 36 years, she has one son and three bonus children in addition to Liv and it’s her goal to live out Titus 2:3-5 as she mentors women to look to Jesus for direction.